Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ratha Yatra article by Vasudeva das

EN: Yesterday the big Ratha Yatra festival took place in India. Here is an article by Vasudeva das, where he explains what this festival is about.
Igår hölls den stora Ratha Yatra-festivalen i Indien. Här är en artikel (endast på engelska) av Vasudeva das, där han förklarar vad den här festivalen handlar om. Ni som inte kan engelska kan i alla fall kolla in filmerna. :)

The carts of Jagannath, Baladev and Subadra at the original festival in Jagannath Puri, north east India.

The Krishna-children performed in a mini format, together with the bigger ones of Krishnas children, a thousand year old tradition called Ratha Yatra that is performed for Lord Jagannath by millions of belivers. This festival harmonizes all different kinds of faith and everyone can participate and pull the cart of Lord Jagannath, his brother Baladev and their sister Subadra. The name "Jagannath" means Lord of all the worlds, of the universe and universes.

Lord Jagannath, a very special form of the lord with asmile that goes all the way into your soul.

The original festival

The mini Ratha Yatra from our camera

The meaning of the festival is manifold but the most essential understanding is that you get an opportunity to serve the Lord by pulling him into your heart.

Lord Nimai danced in extasy in the Ratha Yatra festival in Jagannath Puri 500 years ago.

As you might feel when you read this, there is alot more to tell about all this. I mean, we worship God with BIG round eyes and pull him in a cart through the streets, and not only Him, but also his brother and sister! How can this be explained in a theological way? And how is it that the devotees have sooooo much love for him? When really giving it a thought one must come to the conclusion that there is a whole lot we dont know about the rich theological science of India. In whatever the case, if you want to criticize the better read the books first, if you want to practice, better read the books. The spiritual masters in our line has explained all this things in such a beautiful concentrated and poetic way that its a great shame that most of this world is unaware of it.

So it is my hearts desire that this might inspire someone to more closely study the science of Krishna-Consciousness and get a glimpse into the wonderous world of devotion.


Gurumaharaj presenting Ratha Yatra in clombian TV-show (in spanish)

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