Sunday, February 26, 2017

Healing faith (New book, free download)

Healing faith is a small introductory book by Paul Soares on Swami Paramadvaiti's Perennial Psychology – Oida Therapy Manual (2014). 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Gifting water unto herself

Water, just as love, is not a thing.

Yet all sentient beings may adore the queen of elements in her gracious circle dancing

From austere crystal white snow-peaks far above,

liberated under the warm orange-bright sun gaze of her one love.

Only to share her life of giving with everyone.

Nursing each of us, soil sheltered seeds inherent potency.

She melts to flow spontaniously, the fastest path towards the sea

given intuition by earth mothers hearts gravity

As if carried away by her longing, she leaps free from that same gravitation and up she soar towards her Lords as vapour.

alighting the sky with multicoloured clouds of feelings

Adore ye all! just as love, water is life giving.

Gifting Earths heart is brimming over of affection.

In the form of restless liquid waters.

Since ancient times her touch have purifyed the three worlds

all the while remaining ever pure in constitution.

Inexaustable she surges forth, sharing the nature of her being with every living being.

Without descriminating

When two rivers meet, they embrace their alikeness

Uniting the streangth of their longing

A twirling dance merge their core in a confluence.

Then further downstream, separation of the two makes no sense.

So in love as in water, transparent life of giving

sharing their purity with anyone submerging fully

The two are self forgetful pure givers in their innermost hearts intent, non different from their fully flexible form and forever transparent.

With Love we gift water unto herself.

Pranami Srimati Ganga Devi!