Thursday, March 31, 2016

The duty of the sane

Prabhupada had had an acquaintance in Allahabad who was only fifty years old when he was on his deathbed. The man had desperately implored the doctor to let him live four more years so he could execute his unfinished plans.
"What can the doctor do?" Prabhupada asked. "That is not possible, sir. You must get out!"
To the devotees' amusement, he then described the misery a child experiences when he has to go to school.
At least I was like that," Srila Prabhupada said and laughed. "I never wanted to go to school. And my father was very kind. He said, 'So why are you not going to school?' I would say, 'I will go tomorrow.' He would say, 'All right.' But my mother was very careful. Perhaps, if my mother would not have been a little strict, I would not have gotten any education. My father was very lenient. So she used to force me. One man would take me to school. Actually, children do not want to go to school; they want to play. Against their will, they have to go to school.
"So, you study life. From the beginning of this body, within the womb of the mother, it is simply troublesome. Against my will, so many distresses are there. Then as you grow, the distresses grow and grow."
He described how miseries disturb us constantly, and Srila Prabhupada said that a sane man's duty is to stop accepting a material body.
"Now realize that you are changing your condition of distress and happiness, being forced to accept some kind of gross and subtle body. That is the cause of your pains and pleasures. And if you get out of this gross and subtle body and remain in your original, spiritual body, then you are free from these pains and pleasures."

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

facing the problem

As if disconnecting our eternal self from the complex psychological software program of mind and biomachinery hardware of our physical body was not enough. Now we have another layer to deal with. Well... for that matter, matter itself is not our problem, but our self projecting its own value into it to such extreme that we missidentify ourselves with it.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The united nations of the spirit

Dear readers of the blog of Nimai

Sevananda Prabhu, my dear friend and brother have requested me to take up the service of being headmoderator for this blog to give him more time for writing
A very inspiring and challenging service! To maintain the 10 year old heartbeat of this blog, throbbing for wisdom and devotion.

 I have heard that wise people listen when wise people share their wisdom. And really, this blog has since its very onset served as an amplifyer for the voice of our wise wellwishers and all those wise adepts, learning in the light of their precious company.

By hearing from those truly wise, embodying the voice of our hearts ideal with their every thought, word and deed, the obscuring clouds of doubt towering dark in the vast sky of our heart disperse, allowing our inner sun to bath every stratum of our being with the effulgent rays of wisdom.
Just as we all share the celestial splendor of our sun, whose nature is to illuminate light and radiate heat. So to we share one inner sun whose brilliant rays are wisdom, embracing all with within the warmth of unconditional love

The rays of our sun reveal the beauty of earths nature "as she is" as he travels across the external sky from the eastern to the western horizon.
 Wisdom is not owned by the wise, but, like sunlight, illuminates through the clear blue sky of their hearts, unto those in their association.

The challenge would be to not stand in the way for the wisdom to shine forth through this blog window, across cyberspace to dawn again and yet again in the sky of our readers hearts.
Certainly I am doomed to failure IF I dont get the blessing of all of you, in the form of your wise sharing, commenting and eagerness to hear the brightness of our inner sun, revealing the self evident constitutional beauty of all living beings.

And only with the blessing of the previous headmoderators of Nimaiblogspot, Revered Sevananda and Shyamananda das in the form of their continued participation, editing and esteemed advice.

With the blessing of all of you, let us carry on our one mission in this winter of ages

Sarve Sukhino Bahavantu

"May all beings in the world become truly happy"

Golokera prema Dhana, Harinama Sankirtana