Wednesday, July 28, 2010

With Gurumaharaj in Bulgaria 2

We went a big team from Sofia to the mountains where brahma had found a place for the Eco Veda Park they plan to start there.

Gurumaharaj loves to swim and by higher arrangement we found the most beautiful swimmingplace in the river coming down from the Balkan mountains in northeast bulgaria.

Gurumaharaj was giving initiation to one of the friends that came with brahma and bhakti to india for Yoga travel. His name is now Matsya das. Hariiibol!

Gurumaharaj was interviewed by a team that is making a documentary about the Eco Veda park.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bulgaria fragmentski

I went to Bulgaria some days ago to meet with my Gurudeva Swami BA Paramadvaiti and with all the sweet devotees of Krishna that have just got a new big place in the middle of Sofia. Its beautiful and a very nice atmosphere is surcharging the whole place...

This is the small (9kg) Gopinath. His smile makes everyone happy. A little Brahma junior.

This is Brahma Senior, the proud father and organizer of the event

This is the Papa of us all. Sri Guru who delivered so much nectarian classes and association to us these days.

Even the place is big it was crowded most of the time.

Here you see Bhakta Simon who now have the fortune to be initiated as Abhay Charanaravindam das. This boy will according to the plan come to sweden next year when he finishes his studies. He is very sweet and cool.

Brahma in action during the fire ceremony that was led by Gurumaharaj himself.

Here are some nectar i extracted from the morning class:

The highest reality is reflected by the pure devotees

To understand that we are not the owner is a step towards enlightenment

You cannot decide; i will make it rain, i will never be sick. You are not in control.

The highest enjoyment is to make someone feel real joy in his heart.

Help others understand that all their problems are becuase they think they are the owners of others

Why should i work for my own pleasure when i become so happy by seeing you?

The rightful enjoyer is he who feels that he should work for others benefit and enjoyment. He is also a real disciple. he is a guru.

When you are engaged in service constantly you will be saved from the mental sphere. and it will only last if you love your Guru

Technomusic and football - putting the kids in anastesia

Friday, July 23, 2010

Spoonrevolution breakfast / Skedrevolutionsfrukost

Party at the nearest lake last weekend / Fest vid närmsta sjön förra helgen


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ljuvt regn / Sweet rain

Nimai family member came out, at last.//
Nimai-familjemedlem kom ut, till sist.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ratha Yatra - Helig Vagnfestival / the divine Wagon festival

I tisdags kom Jagannath på besök till Göteborg. Det är en av Krishnas häftiga expansioner. Han hade även med sig sin syster Subhadra och sin bror Balarama ... och ett skönt gäng hängivna från ISCKON så klart.
Jagannath bor annars i Orissa i Indien, staden som också kallas för Jagannath Puri där Han har ett eget tempel tillsammans med sina syskon. I Orissa är vagnfestivalen ENORM. Till vardags är det inte många som får komma in i templet så därför åker Jagannath och han syskon ut i staden på var sin vagn varje år så folk får se dem och hjälpa till att dra vagnarna frammåt i processionen. Att se gudsgestalter så här kallas för darshan, gudomlig välsignelse, och är mycket lyckobringande.

Jagannath ki Jay!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Holy and healing places

I went to visit my mother today and i felt strongly that we had to visit one of my favorite places. Its for sure an energy charging place. Incredibly beautiful and hidden to the world. The elements here really blows freshness through the mind and you are filled with awe before the beauty of the Great Mother Nature. The Shakti, energy of God, is worshipping our origin with its beauty.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Entranced in the forest

Strong hot sun, a lot of people, 4 days nonstop music and a lot of Prasadam when Nimaihuset went to the deep forest of south Sweden to cook and serve Krishnas remnants and at the same time make a spoonrevolution attack.

Shyamananda, the strong backbone of our operation, day and night in service.

The message of OKi could be found here and there all over the festival area...

Shyamananda in a nice hat :)

Among all these people we met many new friends and we hope to meet them again :)