Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Individuality (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Is individuality illusion? Does it disappear in the oneness of Brahman? Does spiritual realization exclude individual existence? A well-read and amused (and amusing) Gurumaharaj wielding the sword of divya-jnana – divine knowledgein the jungle of philosophical speculation.  
(From the Berlin temple, 9th April 2011)

"Spiritual life is a question of realization."

"You can not love anybody if you don't have distinct individuality. The very word 'love' would have no meaning if there is no eternal individual existence; it would be a fantasy word. You could say, if there is no eternal individuality, then the biggest illusion, the biggest word of the material existence, is called love. And it's the opposite. It's the solution to our material existence and ignorance. Love is the solution. And love is the message of the Vedas, in all its profoundity. Love. Unlimited love. Love, which is available to all."

"We need vedic knowledge. We need the truth. We need the understanding of what the law means, and what's the benefit of following the law. And we need love, which helps to realize all these things."

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The only price is earnest desire (Srila Sridhar Maharaj)

Excerpt from Follow the Angels


Dedicated to Primal Scream, my first spiritual masters

Friday, September 26, 2014

Selected Posts on Krishna Consciousness (24): Everything is sweet (Srila Sridhar Maharaj)

In this fantastic informal talk on his veranda, Srila Sridhar Maharaj describes how to make your transition from the path of this nether-world to the path to the Gracious World, from the land of bondage to the Land of Freedom, in 3 easy steps. You can start from wherever you are.

1. Stop acting on a personal agenda. Do your duties, your responsibilities, what's "on your table", but don't cash in the fruits from it.

2. Accept your karma as it comes to you, without resistance or trying to enjoy it.

3. Think of Krishna, the Supersoul/Superconsciousness, the Absolute Person (situated in your heart), the Supreme Will behind the Universal Flow, and surrender everything to Him. Chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra is the best method for that. If you want to add power to it, think of its inner meaning as "Please let me be an instrument of Your love".

Then just watch your surroundings change, and follow what unfolds in that flow. 


Srila Sridhar Maharaj

Everything is Sweet
(27 July 1982)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Conscious Art (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Gurumaharaj in the Berlin temple, 15th July 2011, on the importance of conscious art (visual, music, literature, film, etc).

"Raising consciousness is a prime necessity. In whatever way it can be accomplished. Raising consciousness is synonymous with education. Higher values. Higher taste. True commitments. For that purpose I have invited, since the last 25 years, that those who are artists may actively join the forum of conscious art. Conscious art is a revolutionary forum. [---] Conscious art is an awakening call."

Monday, September 22, 2014

Shine Thru Your Eyes (Jalebi Music)

Jalebi Music, disciples of Gurumaharaj, in a Nimaihuset favourite. Ambienty, trip-hoppy, dubby, with a sky-opening superhit-refrain. Gurumaharaj sampled in the refrain: "I'm taking the lotus feet of my Spiritual Masters. Humble obeisances to all of them."

Jalebi Music about the song:
An authentic spiritual master teaches by personal example. They lead their disciples through the maze of material existence. We are inspired by their pure devotion to God. And we can see God shine through their eyes. Humble obeisances to all of them!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday Chat: The Value of Things (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

From Argentina September 7, 2014

Dear devotees,

A big hug from Córdoba. Happy to be here with devotees who year after year give their best to continue the mission of Srila Prabhupada.

Miracles every day. It's a miracle, a temple of Krishna in the world of maya. And every devotee is a gem. So here beside miracles and gems I can only say thank you Srila Prabhupada.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Narayana (Chakrini Devi Dasi)

Nimaihuset favourite Chakrini devi dasi in another great kirtan
(And who is the singer to the left, with that beautiful cool in her voice?)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sri Radhastami: Commentary to the Maha Mantra (Gurumaharaj singing to Srimati Radharani)

Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj with the swedish and mallorcan yatras in Mallorca, by the Mediterranean Sea one morning in august 2013, singing his own poem "Commentary to the Maha Mantra" to Srimati Radharani. This poem is very important for understanding how our Gurudeva says we should chant the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

Oh, la más Querida del Encanto infinito,
Tu Servicio anhela este pecador,
sólo de Krishna, de Tu amado Krishna,
puedes Tú darme Su amor

Reina de Vrindavana, tanto Te ama Rama,
Tu gracia vengo a implorar,
por tanto amarte Él no Te niega nada,
Tuya es mi alma por la eternidad


Oh You most Dear to the infinite Enchanter
this sinner longs for Your service far above.
Only this Krishna, Your beloved Krishna
You alone can grace me with His love

Queen of Vrindavana, so much love for You has Rama
I have come to You now begging for Your grace.
Because His love for You is endless He never denies Your wishes
Yours is my soul in eternities embrace

Sri Radhastami: The Day of Her Advent (Srila Bhaktsiddhanta)

Sri Radhastami, 
The Day of Her Advent

by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura

This discourse was delivered by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura 
in the Sarasvata assembly hall of Sri Gaudiya Matha
on Sri Radhastami evening, September 19, 1931


There is one person whose name is never mentioned in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. And yet Bhāgavatam’s steadfast readers constantly nurture the ardent hope of becoming that person’s devout, one-pointed servant. May that person, who means everything to Śrī Bhagavān, kindly destroy our false ego in all its various forms and bestow upon us the shelter of Her lotus feet.

Today is the day of Her advent.

Sri Radhastami: Radhika Stava (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Gurumaharaj singing Sri Rupa Goswami's Radhika Stava with the devotees in Berlin.


Radhe Jaya Jaya Madhava-dayite 


Lalita-sakhi Guna-ramita-Visakhe

Karunam Kuru Mayi Karuna-Bharite


All Glories to Sri Radha, the beloved of Madhava and most worshipable of the cowherd girls of Gokula Mandala 

Decorated by the dress of Lord Damodara’s increasing ecstasy, the lady of the house of Lord Hari and the groves of Vrndavana

A new moon arisen from the ocean of Vrsabhanu, overwhelming the qualities of Lalita and Visakha

You whose qualities are described by Sanaka and Sanatana, please bestow your mercy upon me

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sunday Chat: Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Cause of all Causes (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)


24 August 2014, Colombia 

My dear devotees.
Receive all my affection from Armenia.

There have been very nice days here in the company of the devotees. There are many things in motion here in Colombia. We are very fortunate to receive many blessings. Krishna really answers our heartfelt prayer of asking him to allow us to become an instrument of His love.