Sunday, August 13, 2017

Absolute truth and love for the absolute

There can be only one truth. Either something is true or it's not. We might think we know so much about the external and internal world, but actually life is much more a mystery to us. Our senses can only precive of a small part of the environment that surrounds us. There is so much we can't explain about nature and the universe, biology, the mind and most of all the very consciousness that we are.

There is a truth to everything, an absolute truth that for us can be known to some degree. Our perception of life is very limited but it can be expanded.

The forefathers and the ancient tribes of this world were more in tune with themselves and nature. They could understand much about the world that modern science has not figured out today.

The Vedas teach us that the absolute truth and the source of life can reveal itself. If we cherish and nourish our relationship with nature and the absolute whole, then knowledge and wisdom can be given to us. It can be realized in the heart, not coming from speculation of the mind or explored by our limited senses.

Life teaches us Love for nature, Love for the creation of life, Love for the divine, Love for every soul and the presence of the divine in every living being. Love is the act of selfless giving, which is the nature of the soul.