Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midsommar in Värmland

We went back in time to the 1800-talet and up in Sweden to north Värmland to the old train station "Myra" where we were invited to cook and serve prasadam at a midsummer music feast for 4 days. Our hosts had renovated this old station into a very nice mansion and the theme for the feast was to be dressed as in the 1930s. Not everyone fulfilled this request but for sure our hosts did!

This is Arthur, one of our host (unfortunatly we didn't get one picture of his spouse). His appearance demands your respect at first sight. He stole my heart.

Waiting for prasadam.

One kid said when seeing the sky: "Oh, it looks like the world is going to end!". Someone replied "Yes, but then it will be created again!"

It is a fact that when you chant 16 rounds a day, you become the best DJ. Tulasi got everyone dancing :)

After many hourse music nonstop, some bhaktas got fried with the music and ran to the forest.

Samosa joy!

Do not try this at home. It is very dangerous. To step on other devotees could cause ruin to your spiritual life.

Fireballs flying in the night to everyones delight!

Burning hopprep. I never saw anything like it before.

Lord of the Rockrings

Tulasi in the movies.

These earrings you can buy in Nimaihuset. They are made by our Lithuanian friend Maria.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ner till Jorden / Down to Earth

I söndags var vi ute på Imlitala. Ett rejält jordnära träningspass!

Vi får se när vi åker ut nästa gång. Två helger i rad kommer större delen av vår arbetsstyrka att åka iväg och laga vegetarisk mat på annan ort. MEN lördagsfesterna/Satsang kommer fortsätta som vanligt (trots midsommar!). Välkomna till Nimaihuset - Skedrevolutionens kommandocentral!

We were out on Imlitala this sunday. One great session of down to earth work out!
We will see when we go out next time. Half of our power will go to other places during the two coming weekends and cook vegetarian food.
BUT we will definitley continue with our saturdayfeasts/Satsang as usual (despite midsummer eve). Welcome to Nimaihous - the Swedish Spoonrevolution headquarter!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scroll down for the blog about the new ashram in Sofia, Bulgaria...
Nedan finns bloggen om det nya ashramet i Sofia, Bulgarien...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prem is the best / Prem är bäst

English: You already knew she's the best singer, the best fruit salad maker and the funniest joker. But now a formerly hidden talent has come out in the light, she is also the best book distributor. In one month she distributed 108 copies of Makhanchor's vegetarian cookbook and asked for donations for our temple. Now 108 people will probably become better cooks, a great spoon revolution joy!

Svenska: Du visste redan att hon är den bästa sångerskan, den bästa fruktsalladmakaren och den roligaste skämtaren. Men nu har en tidigare dold talang kommit ut i ljuset, hon är också den bästa bokdistributören. På en månad har hon distribuerat 108 ex av Makhanchor's vegetariska kokbok och bett om donationer till vårt tempel. Nu kommer 108 människor antagligen bli bättre kockar, en stor skedrevolutionsglädje!


Bigger ashram in Bulgaria

The knife is very dangerous in the hands of a murderer. But in the hands of a nice devotee like Maha Vishnu Prabhu it helpes to serve the Lord and His devotees delicious veggie food.

Just as we should not blame the knife we should not blame religion. It all depends on the motivation of the person incharge

Inviting the Lord to bless the new ashram and His devotees

Divine chants...
Radheeee Radheee Govindaaaa

All under the guidence of Sri Guru...

The ritual is the meetingplace of the physical and metaphysical realities.

May the Supreme truth personifyed be the center of our lifes...

Listening carefully to the message of love

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Visit to Malmö

Somehow or other we ended up in the middle of a little forest right next to the bridge between Sweden and Denmark. We found alot of dancing neo-hippies there so fortunatly we brought alot of prasadam and distributed very healthy deep-fried sandwiches with cheese, spinach or peanutbutter... (ujujuj so tasty!)

These ornaments were made by friends we have in Ecuador, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Come and buy them in Nimaihuset if you want to support the artists and at the same time look really cooool.

DJ Inatroya turned some conscious music around and set the example that when you grow up you don't need drugs to be the coolest DJ with the best music.

There was a mystical 2 cm long rainbow appearing in the sky.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kirtan tomorrow / Kirtan imorgon

Eng: Nimaihuset is cosy on saturdays, come tomorrow at 5 P.M. for kirtan, philosophy and vegetarian food!
Sve: Nimaihuset är mysigt på lördagar, kom imorgon kl. 17 för kirtan, filosofi och vegetarisk mat!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Artmospheric festival high up in the mountains of Bulgaria

Bulgaria was blessed a visit from the dynamic Nimaihuset. Makan Chor and Tulasi Maharani came and engaged all the devotees here in Bulgaria to go to a festival called Artmospheric to cook the sacred veggie Prasadam and to vibrate the Maha Mantra

Tulasi Maharani, the main organizer, is cooking for hundreds of people...

The Kirtan circle high in the forrest mountains of Bulgaria...

The famous cook, Rohini Mataji and Garuda Govinda Prabhu, the Bulgarian, serving in the Berlin yatra

Garuda Govinda sharing his experience to cook in the 50 liter pots...

All the vegetables where in extacy, surrendering their entire existance for the pleasure of the Lord and His devotees.

My new friend Kalin the mystic from Pleven (another city in Bulgaria). He has been reading the upanishads and the "Bhagavad Gita as it is" and was very happy to meet to discuss philosophy