Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ubud in Sweden / Ubud i Sverige

English: Two weeks ago Sriman Balabhadra Prabhu came to visit us here in Sweden, sharing his incredible enthusiasm. When he came in the demigods (Arci and Karuna-mayi) showered flowers from heaven over him. And he happily accepted the flower garland (after a little convincing wrestling).

Svenska: För två veckor sedan kom Sriman Balabhadra Prabhu på besök till Sverige och delade med sig av sin otroliga entusiasm. När han kom lät halvgudarna (Arci och Karuna-mayi) det regna blommor från himmelen. Och han accepterade blomstergirlanden med glädje (efter lite övertygande brottning).

Eng: Finally back together..

Sve: Ett kärt återseende..

Eng: On the saturday feast Bali lead the kirtan and afterwards he gave Hari katha. That was very uplifting for all the devotees and visitors.

Sve: På lördagsfesten ledde Bali kirtan och efteråt gav han Hari-katha. Det var inspirerande för alla hängivna och besökare.

Prasadam ki jay!

Eng: We had three pizza + home made ice cream parties!

Sve: Vi hade kalas med pizza + hemmagjord glass!

English: Bali donated a big car to the Nimai ashram, for going around in Sweden (and beyond?) to spread the Spoonrevolution and spiritual consciousness. Soon we will be on the roads, thank you Bali! We pray that we will do more than justice to your kindness!

Svenska: Bali donerade en stor bil till Nimai-ashramet, för att vi ska kunna åka runt i Sverige (och vidare?) för att sprida Skedrevolutionen och andligt medvetande. Snart kommer vi att vara på vägarna, tack Bali! Vi ber om att få göra din vänlighet mer än rättvisa!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fare well Mohini / Farväl Mohini

English: Today Prem's sister Mohini left this world. She was a very sweet and pious lady and now her soul has a bright journey to come. During Mohini's departure Prem was sitting by her bed and recited the names of Krishna.

Mohini, if you see Krishna, leave a good word for us here. And thanks for all you have done for us!

Bolo Hari!

Svenska: Idag lämnade Prems syster Mohini denna värld. Hon var en väldigt ljuv och from dam och nu har hennes själ en ljus resa framför sig. Under Mohinis bortgång satt Prem vid hennes säng och reciterade Krishnas namn.

Mohini, om du ser Krishna, lämna ett gott ord för oss. Och tack för allt du gjort för oss!

Bolo Hari!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Be a part or be apart

The indwelling supreme person invites you within

The inner landscape is for all to explore. You are not off limits!
He welcomes you to discover the wisdom you carry in your chest.

We are just like poor beggars with an unknown fortune heritage, desperatly insisting that our wealth is in the external when it is actually in the internal. Such is the nature of the Tama (ignorance) force, under whose influence that which is good looks bad and that which is bad looks good.

The inner journey is not an astral projection, that leaves you in confusion. It is a journey in the steady boat of purifyed intellegence. That boat is leaving from the port of Sattva Guna (the mode of goodness) and its destination is firmly determined - home. We are going home.

The more we advance on our inner sojourn, the more we will benefit the outer world.

Even though we share the earthly lanscape people tend to claim proprietorship of certain territories and exploit its resources for egotistic gain. Due to attachment to the external, the internal world becomes dark and inaccesable.
The Gold miner hopes for that day he finds the glimmering vein in the mountain. Then he will feel completness and with his magical treasure he can fully enjoy the world

We share the internal landscape aswell and the gold we mine there is the friendly faith combined with eager surrender to the personified thruth. That inner gold, which we all carry inside, can buy you eternal blissful life.

The successful external goldminer brings good tidings to his family and friends no doubt, but we know that tidings come and go.
The successful internal goldminer though, brings eternal everblooming auspiciousness to himself and everyone that crosses his path. Because the more inner gold he gives the more he gets.

The Guru and the Vedas is the indwelling Supreme Persons parental care for us

Mother Veda and the words of Sri Guru mirrors that wisdom that is concealed in our heart.
We are locked out in a dark logical world of matter but Sri Guru opens our inner eye and shows us the vedas like a map over the inner lanscape.

We need to do our part...

...because we may stare at a map for lifetimes without actually traversing the land.
We have been violently thorn apart from the divine will of the Supreme person by our envy towards Him. We do our part by throwing away that envy and invite good character by good association and in this way qualify to become a member in the family of the Supreme Person.

He invites us so intimatly in His famous song:

Bhagavad Gita 9.34
Krishna says:
Engage your mind always in thinking of Me, become My devotee, offer obeisances to Me and worship Me. Being completely absorbed in Me, surely you will come to Me.

To be a part we have to do our part. Such is the rule of love divine, free will. our part is to choose from the inner core of our heart that we want.

Krishna wants you to be a part His family.
Just as your body are born a member of your temporary family. You, the eternal soul, is by constitution a member of the eternal family of God and to awaken to that reality is the birth of the eternal soul.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Krishnas födelsedag/birthday

Here you see Sri Krishna and Srimati Radharani dancing in the kirtan.

Ananda Premdasi enthusing everyone with her beautiful kirtans and bhajans. She also made all the guitarplayers envious when she played the sitar as if Goddess Saraswati herself incarnated on the strings...

Sripad Bhakti Abhay Shridhar Maharaj spoke about Lord Krishnas appearance and how he blesses his devotees.

This is the abhishek, where Makhan Chor (Krishna) is being bathed with yoghurt, mangopulp, milk, rosewater and honey. Its a great opportunity for everyone to participate in devotional activities. Such activities purify our hearts and makes us soft. And makes us dance...

Naturally the Krishna-monks, the Krishna-friends and the Hindus love to dance and sing to celebrate Lord Krishna. Krishna is there wherever his name is being chanted and everyone could perceive the sublime bliss that filled the room...

Tulsi dd and Arci dd swaying along in the vibrations

The supreme Lord and his consort in the lap of Ananda infront of the altar. The beautiful altar was decorated by Maria and Tulasi.

Here Krishna is watching himself killing demons on film :)

And before the finale we were happy to have several sparks of consciousness perform a great fireshow for Krishnas and all the others present pleasure. It was beautiful and awe-inspiring...

If you want to contact them you can find them on this website:

And here is the finale. For sure around 108 dishes, maybe more, maybe less. Maybe less is more honest, but anyhow it was ALOT. You could find there different kinds of sambar soup, pistage-berberis-rice, chutneys, hommous, beans with chilli, panirscramble in cremefraise, tomato raita, cucumber raita, different kinds of subjis, chickpea stew, gaurangapotato gratain (OMG), nectarindressing with avocado, deepfried panirballs with spices and hazelnuts etc etc etc

Among the sweets you could find cookies, lemonfromage, gajarhalva, candied ginger halva, cakes, raspberry cream, nut-fruit balls, sweetrice, laddus, simply wonderfuls etc etc etc

Honoring the Caranamrita, the bathing water that we bathed Lord Krishna with.

Prasadam, food offered to Krishna, makes you addicted and the addcition will stay with you for many lifetimes to come :) here you see bhakta Alex in bliss.

Bernardo and Aanis in deep conversation over the prasadam...

Round 2, round 3, round 4, in the end you lost the counting...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Srila Prabhupada celebration/firande

English: Yesterday we celebrated the 114th anniversary of Srila Prabhupadas birthday, with dancing kirtan.

Svenska: Igår firade vi Srila Prabhupadas 114:de födelsedag, med dansant kirtan.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Janmastami celebration/firande in/i Borås

English: For Janmastami we were invited by our dear friend Anandaa Premdasi to come and do kirtan together and also to give Hari-katha. Here is a picture from the elevator in the student house where she lives. She had designed an invitation poster.

Svenska: På Janmastami var vi inbjudna till vår kära vän Anandaa Premdasi för att hålla kirtan tillsammans och ge Hari-katha. Ovan är en bild från hissen i studenthuset där hon bor. Hon hade designat en inbjudningsaffisch.

Eng: Vasudeva giving Hari-katha, based on the Bhagavad-gita. About 20 people participated, mostly students from India.

Sve: Vasudeva givandes Hari-katha, baserat på Bhagavad-gita. Omkring 20 pers deltog, de flesta var indiska studenter.

Eng: Just before midnight, the time of breaking the fast, Anandaa played beautifully on the sitar.

Sve: Precis innan midnatt, tiden för att bryta fastan, spelade Anandaa vackert på sitaren.

Eng: The birthday child, also known as the lord of the universe.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Janmastami again, big time for the public. There will be great things happening! Come on up to the Nimai House tomorrow! We will start 5 P.M.

Sve: Födelsedagsbarnet, även känd som universums herre.

Imorgon kommer vi att fira Janmastami igen, storslaget för allmänheten. Stora grejer kommer att hända! Kom upp till Nimaihuset imorgon! 17:00 börjar vi.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Glimpse of / Glimt av Berlin Mela

English: Karuna-Mayi raising her arms in kirtan like Nimai.

Svenska: Karuna-Mayi höjer sina armar i kirtan som Nimai.

Eng: It was four years since the deities (Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharvika Govinda Sundaram) were installed in Berlin. This was celebrated with a festival in Vrinda Kunja, Berlin. On the picture above you see Chaitya Guru and Prema Kishor conducting a fire sacrifice.

Sve: Det var fyra år sedan gudsgestalterna (Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Gandharvika Govinda Sundaram) installerades i Berlin. Detta firades med en festival på Vrinda Kunja, Berlin. På bilden ovan ser ni Chaitya Guru och Prema Kishor anrätta ett eldoffer.

Eng: Srila Gurudeva giving a lecture in the Mauerpark.

Sve: Srila Gurudeva ger en lektion i Mauerpark.

Eng: Relaxed bench conversation with Gurudeva. Prem made the Blues Brothers look like Tweety.

Sve: Avslappnad bänk-konversation med Gurudeva. Prem fick the Blues Brothers att se ut som Tweety.

Eng: Bhajan evening.

Sve: Bhajan-kväll.