Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shudda Shakta


                                                  ``Nature is my religion``
                                                                                  - Srila Gurudeva

              An offering to Swanlike Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaj Gurudeva

O Gurudeva!
From you we learn how to love all devotees
and those that will come to be
You love those great givers of love
 that where here on earth  previously
You know them through their eternal presence
 in divine sound, 
and carry on their gift sharing with all around

Srila Prabhupada, is most dear to your heart
 your beloved master and friend.
In seperation you serve his lotus feet
 by caring for those souls Ishtadeva sends

Thakur Bhaktivinode, your great great grandfather
whose only wealth is natures opulent décor,
seen through the lence of Bhagavatams sacred lore.
Oh Gurudeva, with tears of love his feet you adore

Your heart is always rich with Vrindavanas greenery
sheltered in grooves of trees and creepers with infinite variety.
Yet you are seen to roam around in deserts, at sea and hellish cities
 to engage conditioned souls in divine ecology

With your love for all you light up this mundane world
So we may see the teachings all around,
here in this foreign land rules a dynamic similar to
yet juxtapositionaly opposed to, our home

Oh Gurudeva! you are an ocean of mercy!
What has been turned upside down, you adjust properly,
giving to all divine knowledge
condensed in devoted action you set us all free

Due to narrow dogmatism, engeneered by pride and fear
Unfortunate souls with contracted vision,
mistakingly conconct your ecological efforts
 to be mundane worship or yet another philanthropic mission.

But great devotees like Srila Tirtha Maharaj all confirm.
All those with deeper perception.
That you act as a servant of love personifyed,
Sri Radharani
The goddess of the higher nature, and not her reflection,

Yet you appreciate with love
the goddess of this vast creation
the mundane nature where we all dwell
accepting her to be real aswell
Knowing for sure, with grace of sublime faith
That all her decoration resemble
The scenography of the abode where the Lord revel

Through wisdom, vice versa you perceive all mundane to be
through the ears you comprehend everything appropriatly
thus you credit Sri, for all the beauty here, internally
Not her reflection that with our eyes we see externally

Uninformed yogis, fearing beauty,
runs away hiding in caves and closes their eyes tightly.
Yet you Gurudeva and the previous masters in our Privara tree,
 have no such fear to any degree.

And thus with heart satured with pure devotion
 you act  in defence of earthly aesthetic nature,
even though her art is rooted in soil destined for erosion.

The sun and moon, the scriptures say,
to be the two eyes of the Lords form with majesty
and his sight their rays
Oh Gurudeva! your eyes are tinted with the salve of divine love
and thus you see the cosmic manifestation with intimacy

Her art is for the Lords pleasure, as his eyes rests on her
she designs colours in combination with form
 that loving hearts emotion stir.

The Lord, our father sees and thus we all see,
Mysterious mother natures infinite variety
 Her love has no end proven by her skilled artistry,
 that has no floor or roof, micro and macroscopically.

 Sri Guru always say that Love is in the detail,
 and She never fail to be a step ahead before the ray
The Lord has no desire for royal opulence,
even though he is the King of kings.
The Queen of Vrindavan, natures source,
 Knows just what the Lord adores

So obviously, if garbage pollution,
the external form of peoples misconception
cover up with a thick layer the sacred land of prayer.
It becomes naturaly a part of all devotees care
to clean it up and helping fellow brothers to be ecologicaly aware

Oh Gurudeva, revolutionary amongst saints,
you cannot tolerate any mistreatment of sacred river Ganga mayi
 the very shushumni of the golden lord of love, Gaura Hari

With pure prayer you enshrine in your heart our common father and mother
 The Lord and Sri, She, the greatest of all devotees. their names vibrate there constantly.

Oh Gurudeva,
Master and friend of us younger family members.
You bring to memory what we know with intuition
with the service you render
In Family there is no space for greed, lust and anger
When will i stop to be and offender
and thus truly join your mission

In our inmaturity we try to measure natures ways.
passing in this way many unfortunate days
When oh Gurudeva will I heed your advice!
such attitude is the lock on the door to the Divine couples grace

Yet with time, Studying attentively, without hesitation,
together with devotees in Gurudevas saintly association
even what seems to be a hopeless case
can mature one day, they say
and with faith we can come accept it all
to be an ungraspable mystery.

The Lord, in search for love and beauty
 casts a sidelong glance on Her and the dawn we all can see
Nature hides away, dressed in morning mist, as if shy,
Covers her smile with a white saree

Oh Gurudeva
In those early morning rays
you see brother dolphins dance in Gaura Nitais morning ceremony
The feelings you have in heart no grammar of this world can say

Yet your divine song,
carry what we need
to correct all we do wrong
and the direction home you indicate

This loose dog of a person falls at your feet and pray
give streangth to always remember your sublime way
and your company so that I may never again go astray

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