Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Selected Posts on Krishna Consciousness (6): Not religion, not yoga, not philosophy

Chatting with Subal

[2012/9/29 (Subal)]

Thank you for these two texts. I especially resonated with the part "transcending even spirituality, which is a search in and of itself."

Also the second text... I knew in quantum physics the observer affects the quality and behaviour of reality BUT I never equated it with maya. It does of course make perfect sense that it is so.

Thanks again!

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

[2012/9/29 (Sevananda)]

Yes, transcending spirituality. Just like Krishna Consciousness is neither religion nor yoga  it's just consciousness of What Is. But since this means The Supreme Person, surrender, and devotion, it will look like "religion". And since the purification of one's consciousness is a process, and includes spiritual knowledge, it will look like "yoga"... Neither is it "philosophy". But since it is a systematic science, expounding an idea (the Truth lol), it will look like that. But it's just about love of Godhead — Krishna Prema. Eternal, ecstatic, ever increasing... Or self-realization, the full meaning of it.

Well, quantum physics — what's physics about? Material energy. In sanskrit (and with a deeper understanding): maya... But I didn't connect to that until just recently. 

Hare Krishna


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  1. Jay Sevanananda Prabhu

    wonderful describtion of Sanatan Dharma!

  2. Maya is one
    she is seen either as She is, or as she is not
    if we try to measure her, she will make us believe we can do so. yet we cant

    being frustrated, we try again and again
    how much is in it for me

    other they say-.. dont be controlled my the desire to measure her. renounce her..

    well that is not very noble. To renounce our own mother!
    we must always measure.. but Vaishnavas measure in how much they can contribute. How much service is needed

    MAtter is not ours to renounce
    so even if you renounce her by going to the cave, means you just exclude yourself from the eternal family of Yoga Maya proper.

    Gurumaharaj teachings ki jay

    brahma samhita dasadasa