Monday, January 30, 2017

Christmas Tables 2016 (Pictures)

A report from the Christmas Tables for our friends, by Satyavrata Muni prabhu. As he points out at the end, not only the love and ecstacy is steadily growing but also the number of visitors. And the popularity. The bookings are coming earlier and earlier. A few days ago (January thus), last year's record (March) was broken when we received the first booking from one of our friends of friends, who wanted to be sure to get a place for him and his family at this year's coming Tables, in 11 months.


By Satyavrata Muni Das

The 2016 Christmas tables at our Swedish temple Nimaihuset were yet another success! A Christmas table is a Swedish tradition where you visit a restaurant with friends or coworkers in the middle of December and eat from a large buffet of Christmas dishes, where meat, fish and alcohol play prominent roles. We are offering a vegetarian Christmas table two times each December for our friends, for the affordable price of 150 SEK, which is roughly the price of a main course at an ordinary restaurant.

We served 19 dishes and 9 varieties of sweets. It is quite a challenge to handle the growing number of visitors since Nimaihuset is a small temple. The lounge, the temple room, the office, the loft – all areas were turned into dining rooms, and the buffet was served in the kitchen. In our temple, necessity is the mother of invention.

The guests were overwhelmingly happy and praised the food! Many were curious about the temple and Sevananda das was basically giving lectures on demand, about the basics of Krishna consciousness.

We have held Christmas tables since 2007 and many of the guests are returning year after year, bringing more friends every time, so the number of visitors is steadily growing.

The flyer advertising the Christmas Buffet Table event at Nimaihuset

Guests at the Christmas Table enjoying the prasadam
Preparations waiting for the guests
The cooking process!!!
More guests at the Christmas Table in Nimaihuset enjoying the prasadam
More happy guests at the Christmas Table in Nimaihuset enjoying the prasadam
Prem Sita Devi Dasi doing the dishes

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