Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last week's Saturday Feast (Pictures)

Last week's Saturday Feast we were visited by two friends from Stockholm, Uffe and Raya. Uffe took some pictures.

The lounge on a sunny summer Saturday afternoon

Premsita and Raya in the lounge

 The altar

Brahma-Samhita prabhu giving lecture in swedish...

... and Sevananda translating to english
The others: Abhay Charan (upper stairs), Srimati (lower), 
Agneta (right corner), Bhakta Johan (front), Bhakti Sakti (left)

Krishna prasadam: Chick-pea pucks and spinach pirogs

 Brahma-Samhita, Suddhanama, Srimati, Abhay Charan and Chaitanya, 
honouring Krishna prasadam in Heaven (upper floor)

 Raya with her sweets plate

 Raisin-and-date-halava, gulub jamun, soan papdi, and fruit salad

Nimaihuset Gupta Vrindavan ki jaya!

Pictures by Uffe Öberg

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