Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sweden Mela 2015 report

We held a mela (gathering) between May 3 to May 9 to celebrate the visit of our beloved Gurudeva, here comes a short report!

Day 1

Gurumaharaj arrived in the morning, and we gathered at Arci's and Vasudeva's place, from where we went on a walk in the forest, where Gurumaharaj gave a Sunday chat about the financial challenges in maintaining a devotional lifestyle in modern society. Jay Lalita from Berlin (far right in the picture) also graced us with her presence, and a lecture that she gave the day before (on the appearance day of Nrsimha). Afterwards we shared anecdotes about events which had strengthened our belief in a higher power.

Day 2

We gathered at Sattva and did some kirtan and ate lunch there. Then we did a small harinama to Nimaihuset, where we had casual talks and listened to Siddhanta playing guitar. In the evening Gurumaharaj gave a lecture on the Bhagavad Gita, and we celebrated Mahahari's birthday. A transcript of a part of the lecture has been posted here.

Day 3

This was a sorrowful day for all of us, as Gurumaharaj's mother left her body in the morning. In the evening he gave a lecture about losing a loved one.

Day 4

This day we held the wedding of Gandharvika and Bhagavat Purana at Shantivan.

On the same occasion, yours truly (bhakta Tom) received harinama initiation and a spiritual name, Satyavrata Muni das... did bhakta Gunnar, the father of Madhu Mangala, whose spiritual name is Nanda Maharaj das.

Day 5

We went to Imlitala, where Brahma Samhita held a lecture about the treasure of brahminical mantras. Govinda Vilas from Berlin (far left in the picture) graced us with a visit, and some heavenly chocolate cake.

Day 6

We held an istagosthi (round table discussion) and talked about World Conscious Pact with Gurumaharaj. Afterwards he gave brahmin initiation to Bhagavat Purana, Kala Kantha, Chaitanya das, Rajani, Prema Dhama, Siddhanta, Abhay Charan, Srimati and Shuddha Nama. What a blessing for our community!

Before leaving, we took the yearly group picture on the veranda.

Day 7

We drove to the airport in the morning to say goodbye to Gurumaharaj. He gave a very appreciated lecture at the airport, while I entertained the kids by playing a mixture of a child-eating troll and a human piñata...

I already missed him as he walked down the corridor!

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