Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Laddu Gopal has got a night cap (2) (Pictures)

 Laddu Gopal in His new night cap, next to 4 and a half of the 6 Goswamis

The attraction never wanes for giving presents to Nimaihuset's Baby-Krishna-Deity Sri Laddu Gopal, who came from Vrindavan to Nimaihuset in 2010 (via a sannyasi, to Madhu Mangal Das in Ecuador, and the day after, on to his visiting father going back to Sweden). This was after Tulasi Devi Dasi had offered laddus (very sweet chickpea candies) to Nimaihusets Deity altar every night for 2 weeks. Devotees, friends, and guests who hear about Him love to donate sweets and clothes to Him (read about it here), and recently Nimaihuset's Chaitanya Das was given the special service to see to that there is always a supply of laddus to give Him for breakfast and evening tea. 

Last Christmas, Rohini Devi Dasi from Bulgaria (who resided in Nimaihuset when Laddu Gopal first came here) sent Him a christmas present – a big blue home-knitted night cap. Beautiful, and perfect for Sri Laddu Gopal. Subal Das came by and took pictures.

 Hello you...

 Who's there?

 Is me.

Okay dear Gopal, time to go to sleep

Good night,

sleep tight,

 wake up bright,

 in the morning light


Photo by Subal Das

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