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Message from the walking treasure house / Nyheter från den vandrande skattgömman. #13

Every week (sundays) we get a message from our Guru, Srila Bhakty Aloka Paramadvaiti Swami. Since january this year I have posted brief summaries of them here on the blog.

april 11


This sunday the message was about the new project Univeda,
The university of the four Vaishnava sampradayas:

The Four Sampradaya Organization, in cooperation with the World Vaisnava Association Visva Vaishnava Raj Sabha and the Ananthashri Vibhusita Jagad Guru Ramanujacharya Phalahari Purusottama Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami Present Jagad Guru of Srirangam Mahapeet, announce the creation of the Char Sampradaya University of Theistic Vedanta and Vedic sciences, UNIVEDA. The University will operate in the birth place of Sri Ramanuja Acarya with expansions in Vrindavan Dham, Mayapur Dham and Hrishikesh.

In a historical meeting of representatives of the above mentioned Organizations in Hrishikesh, a plan was made to create this University with the following goals in mind:

1. To restore awareness of Sanatan Dharma both in India and around the World.

2. To establish chairs of learning for philosophy and tradition of the Vaisnava Sampradayas.

3. To raise standards of values such as environmental care, honesty and transparency in spiritual and social leadership worldwide.

4. To exemplify Hinduism as a way of life which favors all living beings and respects all true beneficial efforts of all mystic traditions.

5. To provide educator training utilizing curriculum which enhances student s dedication to the welfare of the world. (Perennial Psychology- Oida therapy)

6. To establish standards of the Vedic sciences. Including (but not limited to):

* Sanskrit language and literature.

* Yoga Science.

* Ayurveda.

* Vedic Art forms such as classical music and dance.

* Dharma and Science.

* Vedic wisdom for all problems of society.

* Languages to favor International participation.

* Computer science.

* Holy places and Holy Journeys to them. Tourism through the old tradition of parikrama.

* Health in agriculture and eating habits.

Additional fields to research and support:

* Preserving the Holy Places of Bharat Bhumi.

* Promote Vedic values of Dharma worldwide.

* Promote communication between different schools of Vedic interpretation with a view to strengthening Hindu friendship.

* Effectively working with aforementioned to tackle common interest issues.

* World peace studies to further understanding amongst conflicting sides and

thus curb violence.

All those who accept the Vedas and their importance in guiding humanity to higher consciousness and who open heartedly embrace the theistic understanding of Divinity are

most welcome to offer their participation in this nonprofit educational project. The school will provide foreign students facility to acquire student Visas for India. Study will be in exchange for nominal fees or in return for service. The University will soon open a web site for detailed information.

In the service to humanity with the blessings of our Gurus and eternal Lord in his different forms.

Jagad Guru Ramanujacharya Phalahari

Purusottama Ramanuja jeeyar Swami

And WVA Secretary, Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

Second letter written by the The Char Sampradaya Higher Education Committee.

(Provide spiritual education to all children, which invites their common sense to defend the great values of the traditions taught by the Vedas and the Rishis.)

1. To stop the killing of innocent cows for profits such as leather exports.
2. To stop the killing of animals in general by reawakening awareness that meat, fish and eggs are tamasic foods which disturb spiritual advancement, happiness and good health.

3. To preserve the sanctity of the holy Hindu Tirthas:

A. Stop all kind of pollution, plastics in general, organize plastic recycling, stop dirty waters or soaps being dumped into Holy ponds and rivers. Protect Holy soil from chemical pollution of any type. Protect the eyes from visual pollution of mundane billboards. Protect the people from sound pollution of blasting speakers over public areas.

B. Protect the Tirtha from car use encroachments of parikramas. Parking areas must be created which do not disturb the movement of the Yatris.

C. Yatris from all over the world should be protected from corrupt officials, pandas

demanding donation under threat of curse.

D. Guides in english and local language should be made available to explain the local places and important yatri information including local prices.

F. Construction in medieval towns should be restricted to not change or disturb the original beauty of a place.

E. Web sites should be created to offer such information to the whole world.

F. Construction in medieval towns should be restricted to not change or disturb the

original beauty of a place.

G. No activities prohibited by spiritual Hindu tradition may be promoted or visibly

exhibited in the holy Dhamas. Alcohol, prostitution, meat, fish and eggs do not belong within the sight of a Dham.

H. Separation of different types of garbage for easy recycling should be introduced to

give a good example to society.

I. Hindu tradition does not permit the viewing of obscene sexual behavior or of violent demonstration. Thus we protest any material to be exhibited in movies or television which contaminate the viewers and obstruct their path of dharma through mental disturbance.

J. Dharma committees have to be organized in all localities that advise the governments

not to make decisions which obstruct the spiritual tradition and welfare of the people.
K. A simple list of agendas and principles must be created signed by all spiritual leaders to protect Hinduism and Humanism. The world needs Heroes and Ideals. Politic leaders do generally not provide neither one nor the other. And it has to be made clear what is in the interest of all. In the service of Mother Bharat and Humanity. The Char Sampradaya Higher Education Committee.

Svenska: Varje vecka (söndagar) får vi ett meddelande från vår Guru, Srila Bhakty Aloka Paramadvaiti Swami. Från och med januari i år postar jag korta sammanfattningar av dessa här på bloggen.

Söndag, 11:e april


Denna söndag handlade det om det nya projektet Univeda, universitetet för de fyra Vaishnava-sampradayorna. Skickar meddelandet i sin helhet ovan...


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