Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fredagsbion / Friday Conscious Movie


May that which was meant to come true come true
Let them believe
And let them laugh at their passions
Because what they call passion is actually not any spiritual energy
but rather a friction between the soul and the external world
But the most important is that they trust themselves
and become helpless like a child
because weakness is something big, but strength is of no value
When a person is born she is weak and soft
When she dies, strong and unbreakable.
When a tree grows it is soft and flexible
but when it´s dry and hard, it dies.
Hardness and strength is the companions of death
Softness and weakness is the expressions of healthy existence
That's why there is no victory for that which was paralyzed in hardness

Clip from the movie "stalker" by Tarkovsky from Russia 1979

SV: Se filmen. Det är ett klipp från filmen "stalker" av regissören Tarkovsky från Ryssland, 1979.

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  1. Nu börjar det märkas att Symananda "is out of town".
    Kommer det inga resejournaler ifrån Indien?