Friday, October 17, 2014

The Perfection of Renunciation (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Gurumaharaj speaks about sannyasa – the renounced order of life – and things related, on the appearance day (2012) of his sannyasa-guru Srila B.R. Sridhar Maharaj.

"Enjoyment is a natural propensity. And the only joy and the only happiness, according to the Vaishnava philosophy, will be achieved when someone overcomes his separate interest from Krishna: when somebody makes Krishna's wish his wish, when he makes Krishna's love his goal of life. Srila Sridhar Maharaj is a general amongst the renunciants. He has shown to us that renunciation is a very joyful path. Undoubtedly renunciation is a challenge. It challenges our conditional thinking altogether. But is responds to a higher craving which is also within you. Because real love is abnegation of egotism, entirely. Just like a mother never thinks of her comfort when her child is in danger. Any kind of discomfort becomes to her the most natural and first choice. Because that's what love is all about. So we are very fortunate when we see our love being put into the circle of divine understanding. [---] Krishna's goal, Krishna's service, Krishna's devotees, Krishna's love, everything Krishna." (3:34)

"We are the servants of all. As sannyasis we have no other business. We don't have the business to get a nice room. We don't have the business to get material facilities out of our rang or position in the congregation. We have no rights or needs to establish ourselves in this world, financially or in any other aspect. We are happy to simply be useful to the others. [---] The service is according to guru–sastra–sadhu, time, place and circumstance. [---] A sannyasi is doing his service and he is presenting himself as a servant before the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is his criteria. By his criteria he'll act or he won't act. So the wonderful thing about this sannyasa is that it puts you in contact with Krishna without any obstacles. There's nothing to inhibit your connection." (11:41)

"He has to be responsible for what he is doing, because a sannyasi is an example of the human society. Everything he does will be judged, and he will influence others by what he does." (15:07)

"At some point in life you have to decide certain things and do them, right? And when you decide it, that's up to you, because you have to live it. Your decisions, you have to live up to them." (41:26)

[Reading from Srila Sridhar Maharaj's Follow the Angels]: "One should not leave his former position without being sure of his progress. We must not take risks for something that is not our own. But when we do find that it is indeed our own, even though it may be a little far, we must take the leap." (45:37)

"The soul is always in need for finding that love which they're anxious to meet. That love is there. It's not far away. But you have to go all the way to get that love. You can't get it by going a little. You have to go all the way. And you have to take it upon yourself to be the best mother, the best daughter, the best disciple, the best whatever you do, and then you will reach something higher, you'll qualify for the next installment." (47:25)

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