Friday, October 10, 2014

8000 Drums Sunday 12th October

8000 Drums at Lejontrappan, Sunday 18.00!

On the 12th of October, which is the very very auspicious apperance day of our beloved Gurudeva, we invite you to participate in a global gathering of healing the wounds of our minds and re-establishing the sacred relationship with Mother Earth. Two years ago Gurudeva initiated this to the Vrinda Mission after inspiration from the elders of the tribes from Sierra Nevada Colombia, to gather to a global drum manifesto. It is set on the date of 12 of October which for us is very auspicious, but for the indigenous cultures in Amerika it is considered a day of grief, as it was the day Columbus and the western colonization, slaughter of different worldviews, took off. 

We will gather 18.00 at Lejontrappan, the Lion stairs just next to Brunnsparken and make a celebration for Mother Earth and the River of God/Göta älv (Göta is a fornnordic name for God), the holy water which is Radha and Krishna's love extacy combined, and continue to connect to our true selves – eternal spirit sparks of the love divine.

Please join in and bring a drum for this holy celebration!

// Arci devi dasi

Pictures from the 8000 Drums event 2 years ago:

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