Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mohana visited from Colombia (Pictures)

Last week Nimaihuset was visited by our dear sister Mohana Vamsi Bihari devi dasi from Colombia. As the winner of the sankirtan marathon she gets to go to Vrindavan (India), and on the way she decided to pass Sweden and Gupta Vrindavan Nimaihuset, to see her friend, Nimaihuset's songbird Gandharvika Sundarim dd, and to pick up Madhu Mangal das, who is also going there. We had five wonderful days of her precious company – high, sweet, and fun.

Mohana and Gandharvika in Gandharvika's house.

 Mohana in Nimaihuset's kitchen, making pizza.

 Mohana giving lecture about spiritual love in practice – "'Love' is a verb". 
(Kala Kantha to the right)

Brahma-Samhita, Madhu Mangal, Vasudeva, and Mohana.
Mohana and Madhu had been with Gandharvika in Slottsskogen, looking at penguins and talking to elks, when they met Vasudeva and Brahma coming from their work in a Waldorf school, looking at kids and talking to parents.

 In restaurang Sattva – an indispensible oasis of daily prasadam distribution.
Subal, Madhu Mangal, a poorly shaved Sevananda, Mohana, and Gandharvika.

Madhu Mangal just under the monkey shelf (read about the monkeys here and here), doing his best to look like Nothing. And yeah, pretty good Madhu.


  1. Nice memories. Good Pictures... A lot of love from this place. I wanna be there again!!! Gourapremanandi!!!!

    1. Mohana... :D Dandavats! We are counting the days to when you come here again on your way back... Gourapremanandi hariiiii bol!