Sunday, October 12, 2014

Congratulations Gurumaharaj!

Today is Vyasa Puja, the appearance day of our Gurudeva Srila Bhakti Aloka Paramadvaiti Maharaj. So we ask You to please receive Nimaihuset's offerings of gratitude. 

First of all, the Guru Pranams:

nama om visnu-padaya divya jñana pradayine
srimate paramadvaiti svamine nyasi rupine
saranagata bhaktebya sudha bhakti vidayine
visuda bhaktisiddhanta dhara dhara nisevine 

And this is from Manah Siksa devi dasi, Divine Grace:


Today is a special day of joy    
It is a special day of joy
In remembrance of a moment in time
When Divinity took place among us
In the body of a little human boy

Because of this beautiful event
For this beautiful event
Every moment brings beauty to me
For the Grace and Love from Godhead
In this pure soul that He sent      

Because of Divine Grace
There is hope for someone like me
I have light and guidance for my journey
In this dark and miserable place

My words and my songs are too poor
Indeed they are too poor
Too simple to express what I feel
I have nothing but my heart to give You
I am just a beggar of love at Your door

Lastly, here is Siddhanta das and Prema Dhama devi dasi, representing the swedish yatra by singing to You Bhaktivinoda Thakura's Gurudeva Krpa Bindu Diya – Gurudeva, give one drop of mercy:

Happy Birthday!

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