Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Duality in the realm of Divine perfection (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Gurumaharaj in his inimitable way interweaving high spiritual philosophy with down-to-earth, world-and-time-conscious activism. And as always ending talking about love, and love in action, which is service, which is his main teaching. 
(From Wrocław, Poland, 24 july 2014)

"Divinity is showing its ability to spread into two, then to join again, to expand into further." (1.15)

"Duality is the absence or the presence of different items." (1.57)

"The duality of this world, it is putting you to make choices. Free will means, make your choice." (15.51)

"We belong to the non-dual substance. The most amazing thing. You are the soul, which is non-dual in nature. [---] It can exist beyond duality. [---] What is all this duality business? [---] This is just something we may call Cosmic Variety. But you are the soul. You are the conscious entity. You are the decision maker. You are the one who has the potential love in your heart. You are a fraction of love personified. That's why you are always interested in love."(17.41)

"The duality of this material world, it is apparent duality. [---] This phenomenal world and all the living entities that are here, they are part of the Absolute. [---] After you die, what happens? What happens with your individuality? Where are you going? Are you going to merge into a Cosmic Zero-ness? Or into a Cosmic One-ness? Or into a Cosmic Two-ness?" (25.05)

"The original loving Reality expands. Just like parents, loving parents. They look at each other, and they say, "You know something, how nice would it be if we have another child". [---] You can serve God by serving your children. You can serve nature by serving life, by giving support, by giving affection, by giving what has been given to you – love." (32.05)

"So we are inviting all of you to wholeheartedly, and full of faith, to enter into the divine realm of devotional service. Have faith in that. This faith will carry you, very far. It will carry you to the very end of life, and carry you into the next life. And it will situate you there where you can give your fullest love, and receive the fullest love the Lord." (37.01)

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