Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flea Market in Gauda (Pictures)

Pictures from last week's flea market "Loppis på Gårda"
in the temple backyard, where we served prasadam

The portal to Nimaihusets backyard in the area Gårda (pronounced 
just like Gauda, Lord Nimais whereabouts).
Wonky but beautiful, as everything about this place.

Sahanna and Siddhanta serving Makhan Chor’s ecstatic prasadam-soup and free supersweet plums from Radhastami (Srimati Radharani-prasadam!), and selling various useful objects that for one reason or another have been exiled from Gupta Vrindavan Nimaihuset.

Flea marketers honouring Krishna-prasadam. Possibly speaking hari-katha (talk about Krishna and subjects related to Krishna, purifying and ecstatic). Is Gaura-lila higher than Krishna-lila? What are the bhavas of vatsalya-rasa? Is acintya bheda-abheda tattva dynamic advaita vedanta?

Bhakta Tom alone (sitting to the near left), rejected from selling at the temple stand because of the illicit contents of his selection (a fishing rod and trolling spoons, violent comics, and leather boots). He solved the problem by telling people who bought from him to go to Nimaihuset's stand and pay to us, thus not only donating to the temple himself but also helping others to unknowingly do so, and in this way he stayed connected. (Our dear Bhakta Tom has on a later occasion, on Facebook, wished to clear himself from possible discredit regarding his illicit belongings and, with a seeming discontent with Yours Truly’s wording, pointed out that “My ‘selection’ was things I wanted to cleanse myself from, not things I like (anymore)”.)

The temple backyard seen in a bass tuba


Pictures by Filip Laurits

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