Monday, September 30, 2013

"Don't try to analyze this..." (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

...But don't get the idea that the drop is the ocean.

Fragment of a great class in the Berlin temple. 


  1. "You see, none of us can even think of, or question, or consider the possibility of not having received uncountable amounts of grace. So then, if that is the case, how and when and where do you RESPOND to all that grace? Where is your dancing with your Ishta-deva going on? Is it going on at least in your mouths, when you chant the Maha Mantra?"

    1. Responding to grace we do gradually, just like a child gradually responds to the mercyful care of his parents.
      In the beginning the child will respond with its innocence and as he grown up he will be expected to assume more and more responsability. The more our capacity to assume responsability for our Guru the more we respond to the grace. Because by taking up responsability, sharing your faith and giving personal example, you pass on the grace furthur and facilitates others to recieve grace aswell.
      Every arati we dance for ishtadeva Mahaprabhu Nimai. When we chant on Harinam on the streets we dance with Nitai. The spiritual master is the kripa shakti (personifyed mercy energy) of Sri Krishna and by pleasing him by taking up responsability in his family, we will realize more and more the presence of divinity in our lifes. Krishna consciousness is all about becoming favoured by the devotees of God. If we are the favourite of those who is Krishnas favourites we are very blessed...

      Chanting the name we ask for service and when that service comes to us, we respond by embracing it as our life and soul...