Saturday, September 28, 2013

Appendix to Donations (1): Felix

Adopted cat Felix. (His former name was Fenix. Why would you name a cat after a bird?) Saved by temple devotee and veterinarian Prema Dhama mataji. Very well-behaved and polite, very loving and sweet, and quite aware. Temple cat for 2 weeks. He loved the temple basement (this he has in common with Gurumaharaj). But now he has a new home: temple devotee Makhan Chor's villa in the countryside. A big old house with many exciting places to hang out in indoors, wild nature with high grass outdoors, and a cat-hatch to come and go as he likes. The best possible home for a cat. That's why his name is Felix: happyAnd sadhusanga* and prasadam*. Thank you Krishna for the best possible solution for Felix. For the background story, click here.

* Sadhusanga: click here and here.
* Prasadam: click here and here


Photo by Makhan Chor


  1. From the second link:

    ''The devotee also says, “Only Krsna, that is nothing to me if we do not find Radharani at His side”. So, the environment has a great contribution to make in that realm.''

    This is confusing me. Shouldn't I be satisfied by serving even a part of Krishna? Or is this quote about very advanced devotees?

    1. Yes Bhakta Tom This is the divine sentiment of Srila Raghunath Das Goswami, siding with Radha...
      Philosophy is one thing and Bhava, or divine emotion is another. The philosophy is the foundation or the stage upon which the drama of Krishna lila can be displayed. In the beginning we study the philosophy, Bhagavad Gita and the first cantos of the Bhagavatam. when we have made a strong steady stage of understanding siddhanta, or truths, then we invite the drama to take place.... in the drama we should not search for logics.. there is no such there. Just as you dont interupt a drama and say: but you are not a King! I know you from highschool man! you are Gösta from bankeryd! or something like that :)

    2. But even from a philosophical point of view.. Krishna Tattva cannot be aproached without Radha Tattva.
      Just as we cannot know about the sun without its rays...
      The glory of the sun can be seen by its rays and the rays themselfes are the glory.

    3. Lol!
      Dandavat Brahma... Thanks for these brilliant answers on super high topics.

  2. Jay alla svenska koherdepojkar!