Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Make me a channel of Your peace (Sinead O'Connor)

Oh my Lord please let me be an Instrument of Your Love! This is a prayer sung by our beloved Gurumaharaj and his disciples the world over. Whilst meditating on this recently I was reminded of a lovely prayer attributed to thirteenth century monk Saint Francis of Assisi. Known as Make me a channel of Your peace, or more simply as the Saint Francis Prayer. It has helped me expand on and gain insight into what it means to be an Instrument of Divine will. Sung beautifully here by Sinead O'Connor this prayer was made part of the morning devotions by Mother Teresa in her world mission. It has been widely adopted by popes, mystics, swamis, world leaders, celebrities and lay folk alike. While not necessarily claiming a place in Nimaihuset's Hare Krishna top 10 this song certainly deserves a place in the heart. Hope you enjoy...

/ Subala das 

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