Sunday, November 9, 2014

How important are we? (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Evening class by Gurumaharaj in Vrindavan, 22nd February 2007. 

"How important are we? That is actually only answerable in connection with the cause of our existence. The cause, supposively, is an indicator to the purpose. And when the purpose is fulfilled, and the cause is thus satisfied, we can thus define what was the value." (0.26)

"What is the value of us, by ourselves? What is the value of our activities, for ourselves? Where does the concept of value arise?" (3.51)

"Who are you?, to begin with, so that we can study this topic. All of this leads us to the greatest of all needs: self realization. Or, we don't do anything about it: we spend our time buying hats, pants, shirts, jewellery, entertaining ourselves in the diverse items of this world, but we don't spend any time on self realization. Thus our life is flowing by, fast, and we have not yet questioned ourselves the most essential of all questions: Who am I, and what is making my existence so valuable?" (4.46)

"You do have definitely an independent movement. And by that independent movement you came to sit here tonight to listen to me talk." (10.03)

"There's nothing more beautiful, nor more auspicious, than the Truth. The Truth is auspicious and beautiful. And through cit, through consciousness, through awareness, you can define Where is my path? Where is my path towards the Truth which is beautiful and auspicious?" (11.15)

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