Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The tent: Another lovely day (Pictures)

Last week in Fjärås, 36 km south of Nimaihuset: another lovely day of service to the Temple/Guru/Krishna. Perfect weather (clear sky, 20 C, mild breeeze), perfect tent-conditions (big flat lawn, no special arrangements), nice area, nice freeway-ride with the car, sweet company of devotees... Makhan Chor brought his fancy self-timer DSLR-camera on tripod.

We do take approximate timing, but so far we're just training (structure, order of sequence, time-savers  Subhal found a new one today...). In august it's time to get real. 
Today, a little more than an hour. Fast... Again... Three more weeks...

Vaishnava tent joke:
 How many devotees does it take to put up a tent?
 I dunno. 108?
 One. Then comes the servant of the servant of the servant.
More pictures:

Sevananda das, Subhal das and Makhan Chor das


The tent jay!

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