Monday, July 1, 2013

Qüirio visited

Mexican artist-duo Qüirio (our dear Godbrother Mahavishnu das and Godsister Murli Manohara devi dasi, disciples of Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti), visited Sweden and Nimaihuset again (third time). They are on a world tour for several years, spreading their strong and beautiful devotional energy. This time in Sweden they gave concerts in Malmö and Gothenburg on the Baobab Festival (representing World Concious Pact), on World Enviroment Day, in Nimaihuset on a saturday feast, and in Restaurant Sattva (where Nimaihuset's Mahahari das distributes high-quality prasadam every weekday and supplies the temple with the very same on Saturdays). Here is a clip and some pictures from the intimate, fantastic concert in Sattva, with guest musicians Siddhanta das and Jnanaraj das from Nimaihuset. Thank you for this time, see you soon again!

"Gaura Arati", together with Nimaihuset's Siddhanta das on guitar (left) and Jnanaraj das on percussion (right). (Click here for album version.)


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