Saturday, February 5, 2011

Instant message from Gurumaharaj / Direktmeddelande från Gurumaharaj

Brahma Kunda

Dear devotees of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and the Holy Rivers,

This year our spring festival at the 8th of February called Vasanta Panchami will be celebrated in Vrindavan in the Brahmakunda with a full day Kirtan festival.

It is not well organized like last year, but we want to invite you all to also chant in your different locations to once again pray for expanded consciousness and care for the holy rivers.

They are in a state of calamaty together with oceans, lakes, forests and groundwaters around the world. Unless man starts to change his habits quite radically, the problem will only become bigger and bigger. So let us pray and meditate what real appreciation for sacred water means in our life.

Through the sacred sound of prayer, mantras and Kirtan we can all invite a new year of more awareness, more gratefullness for what we have and more compassion for all those who do not have such a treasure such as clean refreshing waters, and what to speak of sacred waters.

Please report your kirtan on the world prayer and kirtan day page.

In love to all brothers and sisters in the world.
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti

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