Sunday, April 25, 2010

Govardhana's forrest shrine (skogs-altare) in Småland

The inauguration of Govardhana's prayer shrine deep inside the forrests of Småland

Vasudeva Prabhu Chanting while waiting for Sri Giriraj Govardhana to enter His new home

Vasudevas mother Elizabeth (in red jacket) where also present

My mother Annettes famous apple cake...

...ready to be offered for the pleasure of the Lord

As it was held above the earth it was filled with happiness by experiencing the softness of its beloved Krishnas lotus hands it did not even know it was being hit by Indras thunderbolt. May Goverdhana hill fulfill my desire (of attaining pure devotional service to the supreme Lord and His devotees)

- Govardhanashtakam



  1. brahma build the altar toghether with his mama. super beautiful. incredible.

  2. Haribol, such a nectar. This sweden Yatra is so wonderful, wherever they go is the spiritual world.
    Sri Giriraj Maharaj Ki Jay
    Brahma and Vasudeva Ki Jay.
    The divine team Ki Jay.
    The divine mothers Ki jay