Saturday, March 27, 2010

Message from the walking treasure house / Nyheter från den vandrande skattgömman. #11

Every week (sundays) we get a message from our Guru, Srila Bhakty Aloka Paramadvaiti Swami. Since january this year I have posted brief summaries of them here on the blog.

Sunday, March 21

Haridwar, India

This time Gurumaharaj was writing directly from the Kumbha Mela festival. Excerpt:

It is the most important moment of life when we realize this eternal love, we can not stay in the mundane plane. We need this love that can make us happy. At no time should we expect other things. Love is the supreme goal, love is our only support, love is our longing , love is our medicine, love is our price to pay, love is what makes us hope that we are walking in the right direction. Love is the thermometer to know whether something is not as it should. For the love of a relationship I decide whether it is worth continuing or not. It is very inspiring to see that many people are looking for something, and here we can understand that many people are yearning for self-realization, but are weak, because man is bombarded by an impressive amount of publicity. Advertising has bound people. Knowingly or unknowingly one is bound to this material world. As many material desires you have, as many reasons you have to return the material world. To get rid of desires is difficult, but to transform these desires into spiritual desires is easier, because one changes or fills the mind with something worth to fill it with. Important: we must not ignore that our mind needs some sort of occupation. Today one devotee asked me what is more important, to chant or to serve. I told him I can not separate these, because if I'm chanting I'm asking for service and if I am serving, I'm thinking of the holy name and the reason why I am serving. It is very important that you feel unity in the heart between all that is beautiful and important in life. The Holy Name is the most important, but even more important is to serve, because you ask for service when you chant.

Svenska: Varje vecka (söndagar) får vi ett meddelande från vår Guru, Srila Bhakty Aloka Paramadvaiti Swami. Från och med januari i år postar jag korta sammanfattningar av dessa här på bloggen.

Söndag 21 mars

Haridwar, Indien

Denna gång skrev Gurumaharaj direkt från Kumbha Mela-festivalen. Ovan kan du läsa ett utdrag på engelska.


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