Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Message from the walking treasure house / Nyheter från den vandrande skattgömman. #8

English: Every week (sundays) we get a message from our Guru, Srila Bhaktyaloka Paramadvaiti Swami. In January this year I started posting brief summaries of them here on the blog.

Sunday, February 28

Mayapur, India

This time I post the full message:

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

Upon request I have developed today a meditation about the sacred space. We need this, it is essential for our life. I will speak in brief about these elements, each and everyone of them deserves a full lecture but this is not possible in this moment. It would be to extensive. Once you understand the substance, you can continue this reflection on your own. It is essential that each and everyone of us considers carefully what is your sacred space. Your sacred health depend on the care given to this.

The first and foremost is mother earth. The one who is giving us sustenance, giving us life. Giving us the surrounding beauty and every atom ingredient of our body. Thus very obviously mother earth deserves the great respect. Even though we can go further and ask from where mother earth earned this capacity to be who she is. In order to have sacred space on mother earth we are facing certain security issues. You may have heard a lot about the homeland security. Really there are security issues in our sacred space of mother earth. Number 1 is the seed security, what is the condition of the seeds. That takes us to number 2, soil security. What is the condition of the soil? That takes us to number 3, water security. What is the quality of the water? That again takes us to the food security. This takes us to air security. Air pollution has a great impact. So, when we are talking about the sacred space of mother earth, we understand that there is a lot to be protected from those who are polluting just to make profit. So sacred space is a great responsibility and has to do so much with the life style.

The next one we have to take care of here it is the clean space. We have to protect our clean space. This means a certain appearance which usually women keep in the home. It can be found also outside, for example in the garden. But also your clothes, everything. That is your sacred space. If you let your environment be disordered and polluted, then consciousness will be polluted. If a person has never been trained, he will always live in chaos.

There is another sacred space, this is called beautiful space. Beauty is produced by plants. You just see what is going on with our plants, what people are doing. Monoculture is not beautiful. It is against the nature. You just see these huge crops and you can imagine what they are using to maintain this. All the poison. Sacred space has to be protected and defended. It is the space of health, wealth and spiritual development. It is the space of reflection.

Therefore we need in our personal life a reflection. We have to have the chance to decide what we want to do. Thus reflection is an important development. Therefore we should always try to maintain this sacred space.

The sound environment is further important. To high dB is contaminating as well. Therefore I have just sent Vishnu to stop the neighbor here who is speaking through his microphone.

So the next space is the space for meditation and prayer. If we have no time for meditation and prayer, then our life will be weak. We cannot connect to the higher spaces.

If we are all the time disturbed by the media, then we will have a case of impact insecurity. There are so many violations and invasions on our sacred space. Therefore we should be properly educated to maintain our life in the sacred space.

In the sacred space there must be space for God. God is very important, even though he may be looked upon as divine energy or as the original person, who ignites all the other individuals. Or you may consider him as the origin of this world. In any case, the space for the connection with the divinity is very important. We need such a space, because without it, our spiritual development is very difficult. Therefore accepting and rejecting space is essential.

The next space we have to protect is the space to feel satisfied with what we are and where we are. This is important. We are being trained in a competition. There are so many competitions here in this world. Who is richer, more beautiful, powerful and all this. But the point is, that who ever we are by our karma, we have to learn to accept this.

Next space is the right to know-space. Obviously we cannot know everything, but if we are curious, then we have to get the chance to know. Universities and schools have the duty to provide knowledge. But they are not doing it well.

We have the save the space for all, including the animals. All the living beings have rights. There is a habitat. We should not destroy this. The habitat is being threatened by so many people. We have to protect it.

Next sacred space is the space of your belief. If you believe in something which does not hurt others, no one should interfere with this. Believe is all in all and according to this we are making advancement. Therefore the belief should be given such a freedom, that he may act upon this. Like we have done so many ceremonies. You have seen it. Many people cannot understand it. They may ask why you are spoiling so much milk, yoghurt and other ingredients. But it has a meaning for us, so it should be accepted. No one should attack it.

Next is simple living and space for old age. We need a space to still feel important in the environment. The space where we can be sick and leave the body in peace. We need sacred space for growing ld and preparing for death. This is very valuable. More than the hospital environment. Sacred space requires very much decision making the space to die it also mean the space to live, as long as I want to live I should be allowed to live and love. Loving is essential. That love is what makes it possible for me to sacrifice myself for something. Loving is the substantial ingredient of our life.

There has to be the sacred space for enjoying pleasure and maintaining the family. There must be a space for living independently but also a space for monastic life. There must space for the invalids also; like they are doing it now in America and Europe, considering the sick, the invalids, the blind and so on.

We must have space for self esteem. This comes when you understand the meaning of your life. And you know that you can reach it by good association.

We have to have sacred space for knowledge. Knowledge has to be protected, literature has to be protected. Man has to make sure for the future generations that these things will survive. Human always wants to improve the things. But it should be of use. Everyone wants to make something.

We need space for our purification. We spoke about it today in our yajna.

We need the sacred space for our doubts. Do not accept everything. If you have a doubt, then learn to express it.

Then there is sacred space for transparency. Certain thing have to be transparent.
Like when you get married, you give a promise. So, transparency is necessary to maintain the relation. Trust is necessary there.

Then we need sacred space for our ideals. We need space to fulfill our ideals.

Everything is included. We hope that you will have sacred space well protected within you and in your environment. All of us have to resolve the different questions and it this way our life goes on and on.

That we can come together here on this day of Gaura purnima, that we can discuss the sacred space, this is fantastic. This is what I wanted to tell this night to you and I hope that you can have some use of it.

Gaura Purnima ki jay!

Srila Prabhupada ki jay!

Svenska: Varje vecka (söndagar) får vi ett meddelande från vår Guru, Srila Bhaktyaloka Paramadvaiti Swami. Från och med januari i år postar jag korta sammanfattningar av dessa här på bloggen.

Söndag 28 Februari

Mayapur, Indien

(Veckans meddelande finns på engelska ovan, någon frivillig får gärna översätta.)


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