Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Why the Lord has a human form

Nobody wants to invite a huge cosmic manifestation into the house, it would not fit!
-- Brahma-samhita das
In other words; although the human form seems limited in time and space, these limitations make it very suitable for loving exchanges. The Lord may appear in a human body outside your house, just so you can invite Him in for tea. There is no question of inviting the all-pervading form which is already inside the house and has already tasted your cookies, that exchange would be meaningless.

The human body is quite awkward for a spirit soul; it has so many needs, even learning to walk on two legs is awkward for the baby. But all these needs enable us to serve each other, sacrificing our own needs to fulfil another's, and this makes our existence beautiful. All these limitations enable us to strive for something, just as there would be no union without separation. The human form is not perfect for attaining peace, but it is perfect for serving and being served. Is it therefore surprising that the Lord appears in this form, to love and be loved?