Wednesday, May 25, 2016

United Nations of the Spirit

In the native tounge of all humankind nature is mother
always adressed as the fair gender
all earthlings recieve her abundant care, so tender.

When the various forms our earth mother gives birth to
Illuminates bright in the light of wisdom shining trough hearts, transparent and pure
Then nature truly speak her heart to us on our common mother tounge.

In the shining rays of sages extatic poetry, trees will truly grow tall above us, as our revered teachers of fortitude and generousity.
Shrubbs, and grass will show us what means true humility

Her many forms forever expanding in aestetic limitless detail, inconceavably find themselfes in perfect composition within the golden frame of her all embracing love.

Earths wise elders, from cultures so diverse, dress the same naked wisdom in ever new garments, 
with threads of faith and trust they knitt a multicoloured tapestry
Earth adornes herself, preparing for a grand wedding 

yet dark and cold are the winter of ages, when humankind lost their kindness and with it, their humanity
Mother shed tears of compassion as she beholds her many poor children devoid of the wealth of simplicity,

The earths wise then saw their beloved Mothers need 
the eternal ice melting, once mighty rivers dying
chemical pollution and genetic engeneering of seed
Leaders of the great nations unite to trade,  unable to see, as if blind

As an answer to earth Mothers silent prayer, a gathering of mystics took place
in the highlands of the Andees
Attended by Chiefs of all tribes, Mammos, Shamans and  Brahmins, all of earths diverse wise
The elder brothers of our great world family
In the light of translation these great seers could see. The essence of all of earth ancestral wisdom
unconditional love, to be

Oh what a joyous celebration of faith!, a golden marriage within, of love and wisdom. Of unity and diversity!
And so from the Kiwa in Varshana, the sacred sanctuary of our great mothers heart. The united nations of the spirit formed, inviting the whole world to be a part

Nature recieves the suns arrival in hemisphere, with joyous youthful spring
flowers blossom, revealing earths concealed feelings, aromas carried by the soft breeze , truly intoxicating!

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