Monday, August 10, 2015

The tent: Something like a dream

Fjärås the other day. Another sweet day in service to the temple: sweet weather, sweet company of devotees, nice renters, nice ride with the car. Normal. 

We don't take timing anymore, we're fast and we know it, it's nicer to just enjoy it. But this day we could feel we were very fast. Most likely the fastest ever. We were amazed as it was happening – "Can you see it Siddhanta, extremley fast, isn't it?" Normally when you have put up a tent you can feel it for a while – Yeah, we put up a tent, it was nice. But this time we were so fast that when we left Fjärås there was no such feeling; it was as if we had put it up the day before and just had come back to see if it was still there. Something like a dream. Not normal. 


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Picture by Siddhanta das

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