Monday, August 24, 2015

Another temporary temple cat

Now and then during summertime the temple expands its range all over Great Gothenburg by means of a 40 square meter big party tent, which we have since Vasudeva's and Arci's wedding and started renting out occasionally after that. Whether it is an actual expansion of the temple itself or an apparent expansion of it as an idea in the Platonic sense, we don't really know. But Gurumaharaj has been in it and sung and given lecture, so vaikuntha sabda – transcendental sound – has filled it, and a fire yajna has been performed in it, so Divine Presence has been there that way too. So maybe. We don't exactly know. But if a cat enters the energy field of the tent, we are inclined to say Lo y'all, another temporary temple cat!

An expansion of the temple. Maybe. In S├Ątila by Lygnern. 
The renters donated a jar of high quality own-produced honey to the temple.

Lo, y'all! Another temple cat! 
A very friendly little guy, 1-2 years old, pitch black with green eyes.
Very calm, fearless, trusting and sweet.  

I just like it lying here, in the middle of it all.

Where is he?

I see you...


Pictures by Siddhanta das

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