Saturday, March 28, 2015

Loving Autocracy (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Today we celebrate yet another incarnation of The Absolute: Sri Rama. He comes as the gentle warrior, the righteous king, the perfect husband, and the lord of 'vairagya': dispassion, detachment, self-control, or in afro-american english, 'cool'. This is Srila Gurumaharaj about Sri Rama as the perfect king, and the difference between spiritual leadership and mundane. Happy Rama Navami!

"Sri Ramacandra has come to teach us that one can love all those who have taken full responsibility, from the core of your heart, and build up with them a very loving environment of spiritual service."

"Please don't think that we are promoting a dictatorial style of imposition of anyone on top of others, this is not the meaning of autocracy in accordance of the spiritual community. We are talking here of the common ground being representative by the common interests, in the vision of the mature conclusion of the spiritually responsible person. I always give the example that how ever democratic we may be, at the time of driving, one person holds the steering wheel, and not five or six."

"The relationship with our leaders has to be not only nice, it has to be very loving. And very trusting. And very dedicated. Then it is becoming a real relationship. Then it is becoming something substantial we can build upon."

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  1. It must be so due to the force of love. Love and trust is a two ways current. When tje leader loves and trusts the people
    , the people reciprocate. If the leader is put by appointment., without the heartfelt aproval of the people, the current is checked. We dont enter the car if we dont trust the driver to be qualifyed. The leader is only a leadr for those that accept him as such. Or for those that enters his/her car. And as for the leader, he feels himself to simply be the servant driver.