Friday, January 23, 2015

The temporary temple cats (2)

More cats that have been in the temple and taken a tour: Mazarin, Mingus, and Morris. (Read the first post about the temporary temple cats here.)

Mazarin and Mingus (Mingus in the window, vanishing in a blaze of light).
Been in the temple.

How does it happen? I meet them and say hello and then we talk for a while, and when I have to go, they follow me – which is to the temple. I tell them: No. You can not be here. You have to go home. But somehow they sneak past me and suddenly they are in, taking a tour. The attraction is there.

Morris, very photogenique and self-aware (you should see some of the pictures,
wearing a hat, striking poses, relating to the camera...). 
Been in the temple.

The blog will be back with more reports as new cats move in and find their way to the temple.


Photo by Olof Silfverdal and Filip Laurits

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