Friday, January 16, 2015

Sunday Chat: Fight with love (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Mayapur, India, January 4, 2015

Dear devotees,

A special hug to everyone in the new year.

We offer this year to Krishna, our Gurudeva and to collaboration for better awareness in this world. These moments of change, of a new year, also serve as an opportunity to reflect on how we have advanced. To advance in spiritual life, the most important thing to do is to be under the shelter of the devotees. Always preaching and obedient to their instructions. Continue sharing in the chanting of the holy name with all those you meet along the way. That is the major occupation and thus all the blessings will be showered upon you. Never doubt this.

For sankirtaneers, the marathon doesn't end in December, the marathon continues with the whole spirit of sankirtan. This is the greatest blessing given by Lord Caitanya.

Chanting your rounds. This is the most effective way to remove inauspicious things. Do you want to distance yourself from inauspicious influences? Then put on tilaka and chant the name of Lord Nrsimha. If you keep your prayers that for sure will disappear. Try to maintain an atmosphere with the vibration of the mantras present and have faith that Krishna is always with you.

Krishna always blesses us even in difficulties. Keep in mind that we are where our heart is. A heart vibrating in serving Guru is a heart saved.

Preaching is the essence of our life. And there we not only save people, we save ourselves. From what are we saved? We are saved from false joys and addictions. We are saved from going through this world and can do something positive. Sure you can do more. This thought gives me hope every day. And now that the year begins it's something you can think more about.

For example: What do we do to promote wisdom and the values of Sanatan Dharma in this world? What do we do to awaken the values in young people? But it all starts in our personal practice. Partnering with devotees is the key. A day with the devotees is ecstasy. For me, the association of devotees is what saves me. And the leaders are pure gems.

It is my desire that all of you become leaders. There is much scope and it newly appears each year. One thinks that this year we wish to finish some services but then Krishna sends us new services. We have not even finished the previous ones and yet Krishna hands us new things. And services that one can not: "Not that, I don't have time".

For example: Now I went to Bangladesh and met wonderful devotees who wanted to connect with the Vrinda family. More service for me and for you all. I pray to Krishna to send us more good devotees to cover all the services he also commanded from us to perform. And you never know what surprises may come. At least I do not know. The only thing that I know is that in life, what gives reason for living is preaching.

We have seen the example of our Acharyas. Until the very last minute of their lives they were preaching. Health may be bad and one leaves this world but one can also receive miracles. Many devotees told me: "Now I'm leaving this world" and I told them: "Preach in the meantime as much as you can", and till this day they continue to preach after years. Good therapy, right?

For example, these days in Mayapur we are very successfully presenting a play to sensitize people about the care of the sacred rivers. We also continue to finish marathon publications, working with the office group in projects for the entire mission, and happy with the news of the marathon. Congratulations to all the devotees who participated. I am excited to know who is in the spirit of preaching one hundred percent.

These days I had a visit from a quero of Peru here in Mayapur. A grandparent. We presented him the work of Rius and he was fascinated. He was happy that for his boys there is an understanding of the dangers of our modern errors. I was moved by his reaction.

Lately I have received many publications that are great for the start of the University. This confirms to me that our little attempt is being blessed by Krishna. It is not my project, it is a project of Krishna's. And now we're working on all this so that they can develop it in South America. This makes me more present in South America than in India. Where I am, there I am dedicated to projects.

For example Faith education, the World Conscious Pact, the University open many doors and make many friends. Everyone can help. We do not want anything but to serve the people. If anything is impure it always comes out to the surface. And the people who do not understand what is being done then this year one has to devote themselves to understand. The name of Krishna is above everything. Of course, maya is always at our doors to serve our whims. Struggle to fight with love. This is my message for this Chat.

I am always happy to hear the reports of each temple. They can be sent directly or to my secretary. Also reports of service and personal study with specific questions where they need help. Study-questions can be read here in the class and answered. I appreciate the effort of the devotees that are connecting the members of the Vrinda family with these messages, chats. It is very generous and helpful so that I can communicate with all the temples and everyone can read it. Thanks to all involved in this.

Srila Prabhupada ki jay

Your always well-wisher,
B. A. Paramadvaiti Swami

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