Monday, September 22, 2014

Shine Thru Your Eyes (Jalebi Music)

Jalebi Music, disciples of Gurumaharaj, in a Nimaihuset favourite. Ambienty, trip-hoppy, dubby, with a sky-opening superhit-refrain. Gurumaharaj sampled in the refrain: "I'm taking the lotus feet of my Spiritual Masters. Humble obeisances to all of them."

Jalebi Music about the song:
An authentic spiritual master teaches by personal example. They lead their disciples through the maze of material existence. We are inspired by their pure devotion to God. And we can see God shine through their eyes. Humble obeisances to all of them!


You are the light of our lives
We can see God shine through your eyes

We were so lost and so hopeless
But by your mercy, we have been blessed

Teach us
Lead us
Please guide us home

Our love for you has no measure
For you have given us transcendental treasure

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