Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Individuality (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Is individuality illusion? Does it disappear in the oneness of Brahman? Does spiritual realization exclude individual existence? A well-read and amused (and amusing) Gurumaharaj wielding the sword of divya-jnana – divine knowledgein the jungle of philosophical speculation.  
(From the Berlin temple, 9th April 2011)

"Spiritual life is a question of realization."

"You can not love anybody if you don't have distinct individuality. The very word 'love' would have no meaning if there is no eternal individual existence; it would be a fantasy word. You could say, if there is no eternal individuality, then the biggest illusion, the biggest word of the material existence, is called love. And it's the opposite. It's the solution to our material existence and ignorance. Love is the solution. And love is the message of the Vedas, in all its profoundity. Love. Unlimited love. Love, which is available to all."

"We need vedic knowledge. We need the truth. We need the understanding of what the law means, and what's the benefit of following the law. And we need love, which helps to realize all these things."

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