Monday, March 10, 2014

Gaura Purnima Celebration — With Swami B.A. Sridhar Maharaj!

Come down to Nimaihuset saturday March 15 and celebrate Gaura
Purnima with us — the appearance day of Sri Krishna Chaitanya,
 “The Hidden Avatar”, a.k.a. Mahaprabhu, Gaura, and Nimai (born under a neem tree)!

Sri Krishna Chaitanya is Krishna Himself — The Supreme
Personality of Godhead, The Supreme Spirit/Light/Consciousness,
The Absolute, Source, OM, The Spiritual Sun, Prime Cause, Adi,
Logos, I AM, God — incarnating “secretly”, in the form of
a devotee of Himself, for the double purpose of experiencing His
devotees’ ecstatic love for Him, and to show the conditioned
souls how to be a devotee.

We will sing bhajans, Swami B.A. Sridhar Maharaj visits from Poland and will give a lecture about Nimai, there will be abhishek (ceremonial bathing of the Nimai Deity), arati (Deity greeting), and afterwards prasadam (sanctified vegetarian food)!

We start at 5 pm.

The feast does not cost anything but donations are gladly accepted.


Lord Nimai, Mahaprabhu, or Gaura


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