Monday, March 3, 2014

Donations (4): The Peach Tree moves to Shantivan

The peach tree

Last year Bhakta Lucas donated a peach tree to the temple (for the background story click here [1] and here [2] and here [3]). Makhan Chor took care of it and planted it on his estate, while the temple residents began eagerly awaiting the soon-to-come big harvest of sweet ecological peaches to offer to the Deities (and afterwards honour Their remnants — Prasadam). It takes longer time than expected though, and now Makhan Chor is changing residence, and where he moves to, the peach tree can't follow. So now the tree moves to Shantivan, Gandharvika Sundarim's little summerhouse by the sea, which she has dedicated to the devotees and friends of Gurumaharaj. Makhan Chor was there digging last saturday and the above picture is the first of the replanted peach tree on Shantivan manor.

Gurumaharaj cutting grass on Shantivan. A pure devotee with a lawn mower.

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