Thursday, January 30, 2014

New monkeys in Gupta Vrindavan (1)

Some time ago this advert could be seen on Nimaihuset's Facebook page:



Do you have a monkey? Cloth, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood... Tiny (like 1 cm) to not too big (like 40 cm)? Please give it to Nimaihuset!

Why? Because Nimaihuset, like all Krishna-temples, is what is called a "hidden Vrindavan": a hidden expansion of Krishna's own Goloka Vrindavan, projected from the innermost of Godhead onto the material world. And in Vrindavan there are monkeys. Nimaihuset has them too, and has had them all along, but right now they are too few (we can count them on one hand), therefore the temple calls out for more.
Anyone who brings a monkey to Nimaihuset gets a bag of karma-free cookies.
Nimaihuset friend Momo Om showed up with a long-armed orangutang in Hawaii shirt and a sun hat and told us that the monkey in his car was directing him to the temple to get dropped off, saying something about "home". We helped the orangutang get rid of the Hawaii shirt and get into the Vrindavan mood a natural, free fit, to easify regular Vrindavan monkey activities, like fleeing from sannyasis with slingshots and stealing fruits from the hands of Vrindavan residents (or their glasses, to trade for fruit). He kept the hat though. 

Another monkey showed up in a New York Police hat, which he quickly abandoned before taking place on the monkey shelf. From New York, the world metropolis of material existence, to Vrindavan, the highest realm of the spiritual world... Vertiginous.

Recently one day two new monkeys showed up in Gupta Vrindavan. Two close baby monkeys, found hanging out on the monkey shelf. Where they came from we don't know. But it's better not to go too close and ask Where's your mama?; if she is nearby she'll attack you. And so will the other monkeys too, they are very loyal and protective towards baby monkeys, it doesn't matter whose they are. Just looking at a cute baby monkey can provoke a raging attack from any monkey nearby. Never look at baby monkeys, however much you'd like to. Anything can happen. 

The monkey shelf

Another monkey-hangout, in Spoon Revolution corner, safe by the OKIs.

A close-up on you.

And another monkey-hangout, by the lounge bookstore.

And a close-up on you.


Pictures by Bhakta Tom


Part 2 here:

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