Friday, January 17, 2014

Maha Mantra by Siddhanta das and Prema Dhama devi dasi

The Maha Mantra with sweet music by Nimaihuset's Siddhanta das and Prema Dhama devi dasi, from Siddhanta's new CD Nimai. (Listen to the album on Spotify by clicking here and get it on iTunes by clicking here).

Siddhanta about Nimai:

Fusion is what its all about. There isn't such thing as a better genre of music. The world is very diverse, like this album. I made this album to thank God for giving us the creativity to love and make music.

The variety of Nimai music goes like this. From contemporary classical music, to flamenco, latin from the 60's with some funk, ballad, jazzy blues, alternative rock, rock and reggae, new wave, hard rock and the list goes on.... Feel welcome to enjoy Nimai!

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