Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poem on Janmastami by Subhal Das

Thought I would post this to celebrate this wonderful day.
Much Love and humble Obeisances to all who read it...

Ever Eternal Child

Enchanting hue of Your skin
Mysterious the color
When it comes to Kings of Hearts
You only no other
How sublime Your game
Ever Eternal child
Radiating Love true
Powerful yet mild
Silken ringlets of Your hair
Dark as the midnight sky
Rose like bloom upon Your cheeks
Crowning Your innocent smile
Grace to see You in my heart
Just a second or more
Forever in joy i'll sing and dance
My Lord I do adore
Bright jewels upon Your chest
Accent Your delicate skin
Lovingly Mother Yasoda dressed
You with cloth and pin
If I could grasp a moment with You
No longer to dwell in despair
But in turn sing Your name
Wherever I may fare
Charming are Your Lotus Feet
Blessed where they touch down
Treading the earth of Vrindavan
Make that dust my crown
If I could see beyond this world
And glimpse Your Lotus eyes
Be captivated forever more
Within Your Spiritual sky

Jai Sri Krishna!


  1. "Subhal, do this! Subhal, do that!" I don't get it how you get the time to write flowery poems with all the service me and Mahahari load on you lol! Yes, beautiful, dear Subhal!