Friday, August 16, 2013

Mela in Mallorca (Pictures)

5 days of lectures, kirtan, sadhusanga and sun

Welcoming Gurumaharaj

The building is more than 1000 years old, the teaching timeless

Swami Siddhanti Maharaj

Subhal das got second initiation

The Gayatri mantra whispered in his ear

Fire sacrifce for the first and second initiates

Mahaprabhu, Nimai. The one and the same

Gurumaharaj and Gandharvika dd

Lectures in a 1000 years old olive pressery...

...and outside

...and in front

Subhal and Gurumaharaj eating blue flowers

And a red


...and by the ocean

...with the charango

A pure devotee in diving goggles...

...and with hand cymbals, leading kirtan in the Mediterranean

Tourist postal card

Qué alegría!

A thousand years (or more) old tree 
and a band of devotees (right) approaching

Prem Sita and Brahma Samhita das at lower left

...and in a tree


Mahahari das and Rishabdeva das 3rd row to the right,
Gandharvika dd 2nd to the right of Gurumaharaj, 
Subhal das and Prem Sita in front row, 2nd and 3rd from left

Mahahari das, Siddhanti Maharaj and Gandharvika dd

Speaking with Cuba

Rishabdeva das in the lead

Brahma Samhita das to the far right of Gurumaharaj

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