Friday, January 18, 2013

New Vacuum Cleaner

Continued Godliness Guaranteed

During Nimaihuset's yearly Christmas Tables the temple vaccum cleaner drew its last in-breath. The situation was a bit anxious for a while – "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" (Srila Prabhupada) – but the mataji ashram nearby has graciously lent their Small Blue to the temple to save it.

The new vacuum cleaner
Now an old friend of Nimaihuset, Prem Sita, has donated a new, very hot vaccum cleaner that looks like a combination of a Porsche of last year's model and a big laser chain gun, and sounds like a 5-star hotel elevator. Or rather, Prem donated money for a vaccum cleaner, quite a lot, far more than what a nice little functional machine like the last one would cost, and Mahahari das took the service (and all the money) and went off to procure it (he did call the temple to discuss model, but later chose one that better served its purpose). The new machine was presented to the temple president with a "might as well"-smile and together they started trying out the prestanda. Which is exceptional. If you put the machine on max effect and pull up the floor brush, it virtually sucks to the floor and is almost impossible to get loose – you have to be two. 

The Godliness of the temple is again guaranteed as far as cleanliness goes. 

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  1. I love vacuum cleaners. Have lived whitout one before and it was not cool.
    I look at mine as a helpfull little pet.
    Haven't named i yet though.