Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meatfree monday

The daughters of the ex-beatle Paul McCartney got an idea one day to introduce to the world the concept of "meatfree monday"¨(click to see), and with the help of their pop the project was launched. Now it has made it all the way into swedish schools, communes and other establishments.

There are some opinons that one meatfree day a week propaganda would mean that the other 6 days are justified. Well, Gothenburg was not built in a day, and i believe that this is a suggestion that makes it possible to grind in the vegetarian ideal in a bigger scale (as already seen). I find it interesting that there always is someone who complains and finds faults with others efforts, especially when the efforts has been successful in many ways. Consciousness changes gradually, training must be there, and one day a week on an international level for sure is gonna  have someone ask; "what's the reason for this idea? why they want me to not eat meat?"

The spoonrevolution is behind this project and are launching meatfree monday spoon activism every monday. Please get in contact with our Gothenburgian spoonrevolution office and join in. There are unlimited ways of raising awareness, take the chance, have fun, use your imagination and change someones heart. 

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