Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The kidnapping of a sacred river

"Maybe I did drink the ocean of halahal poison,
but this Yamuna water is much too dangerous for me. Sorry."

India is unfortunatly known for its corruption among politicians and officials. This fact together with corporate greed has led to the killing of Indias sacred heritage. But due to alot of work done by sadhus, locals, environmentlists and politicians to protect River Yamuna the Indian parliament has awakened to the plea for the sacred river. The issue has reached the major TV stations where a 3 hour debate was held where members of the Indian parliament questioned the government what they will do about the river that has been declared "dead" by the Ecological department of India.

The fact is that even though Yamuna emerges completly clean in Yamunotri there is nothing left of her original water when she finally reaches Vrindavan. This is due to an irrigation dam in Harayana that basicly holds back 85% of her waters, while Delhi dumps 3.6 billion litres of city sewage and industrial waste into her EVERY DAY. In this way we can understand that the Yamuna we see in Vrindavan is not the Yamuna that Lord Krishna was bathing in 5000 years ago, she is kept hostage in Harayana and the small percentage that is allowed to escape is completly replaced by sewage and toxic waste.

It's a serious case. If you take action you will have alot of blessings on your head :)

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